What Do I Need to Fly?

You need a wing, a motor, and a helmet with ear protection to get up in the sky. Many pilots want the ability to talk to others via radio, want strobes so they can be seen by others, and prefer the safety of having reserve parachute as well. No need to shop around – we deal several paramotor brands, several wing brands, and can help you with all your equipment needs. We also help you assemble and set up your gear, so you know you’re safe.

How Much Does Gear Typically Cost?

The prices of powered paragliding gear are usually hard to find online because there are so many options and configurations. All gear is not considered equal, so you’ll pay a little more for lighter gear, better durability, and quality. Trust us, that’s what you want when you’re flying into the sky. Since price is largely dependent on what you want to do with it, size and weight, quality of the gear, and our discounts, you should expect to pay approximately:

  • Wings will typically start around $3,200
  • Motors will typically start around $7,000
  • Helmets, reserve parachutes, and other accessories will vary, but I’d assume about $1,500.

This is about what you should expect to pay for a private pilot license, a motorcycle, or a bass boat… but this comes with a fraction of the maintenance and fuel costs and doesn’t require insurance!

Should I Buy Equipment First?

No! We actually prefer that you don’t come to us with equipment you’ve purchased somewhere else. It’s the biggest issue we have with new students getting into the sport. You should talk to us before you buy any gear (even if it isn’t through us), so you know you have the right size for you, the right gear for how you plan to use it, and that it is safe for what you plan to do with it.

If you happen to have gear already, don’t worry. We will train you on anything you have if it is safe, in good working condition, and appropriate to your ability level. However, we can’t be experts in all equipment so, if we didn’t sell it to you, you will be responsible for your own maintenance and we may require you to learn on our school equipment.

Is There a Weight Limit?

Don’t let your weight or physical condition stop you from learning to fly a powered paraglider. We teach wheel launch and foot launch powered paragliding, so we can accommodate most anyone. It is usually a matter of what kind of equipment you need, and there is equipment for nearly all people regardless of size.

We try to have school equipment that will accommodate most aspiring pilots, but may run into special cases where you may have to buy specialty gear up front to learn on. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us and let’s talk about a custom plan for you.

Do You Offer Training Gear?  Yes!

We have a variety of motors and wings that you’re able to use while in training. You can’t take them home with you, but you are able to use them while you figure out what equipment is best for you. If cost is an issue, this lets you take a little time and save up.

We do recommend that you purchase your own gear in training, though. You become a better pilot when you learn on the gear that you’re going to fly.