Hometown: Utica, MI (but moved to Charlotte in 2012)
Main Paramotor: A custom MacFly with a Polini Thor 190 engine and a Polini Thor 190 Kangook Trike
Main Wing: APCO EZ-R, APCO F3, APCO Hybrid, Gin Condor 2 Tandem
USPPA Instructor Ratings: Foot Launch Instructor, Wheel Launch Instructor, Tandem Instructor

My powered paragliding journey began many years ago, like most everyone’s does, with obsessing over YouTube videos of people flying. I wanted to find a way to get into aviation, but didn’t want to shell out the kind of money it takes to learn to fly and own a fixed-wing plane. A pilot friend of mine told me about PPG and I couldn’t get enough. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to waste anymore time – so I contacted Mojo’s Flight School (yes, this Mojo’s) and started classes.

Since the first day my feet left the ground, this is all I want to do. I love to fly because it is just me and the air with no distractions and no problems. The sky is where I go to decompress, to escape the day-to-day grind, and to have an absolute blast. When I’m not flying, or talking about flying, I’m thinking about flying, scouting for new places to fly, and checking the weather for the next flyable day.

I’m passionate about this sport and helping others to experience that absolute euphoria that comes with flying a powered paraglider. It is important to me that all of the students that come to Mojo’s leave with light, high-quality gear and learn to be great pilots that are safe and care about the integrity of our sport.

Outside of Paramotoring, I like to spend time on Lake Norman on my boat, get out in nature with my Rhodesian Ridgeback named Walt, brew beer, explore the local brewery scene, and travel.