Hometown: Hickory, NC (been “mostly” in Charlotte since 1993)
Main Paramotor: Custom Adventure Pluma2 with a Polini Thor 80 motor, changes frequently
Main Wing: Apco F3, changes frequently, Gin Condor 2 Tandem
USPPA Instructor Ratings: Foot Launch Instructor, Wheel Launch Instructor, Tandem Instructor

Flight has always interested me, the expense of fixed wing was too much for my budget.
This is quite common regarding aviation. In searching for places to train I came across
Southern Skies. Marco Stelter trained me to PPG 3 and I apprenticed under Chris Bowles for
my instructor rating while helping Marco around the field with his students. Marco and I
joined forces and grew the Mojos Flight School until he moved back to Germany in 2018.
Southern Skies is the oldest PPG business in the country located about an hour away in
Taylorsville, NC. His dad Chris Bowles is one of the founders of the USPPA, pretty cool to be
so close and train with the OG! This crazy PPG journey started sometime around 2014 for

It is immensely rewarding to fulfill peoples dream of running into the sky on the best
equipment made today. Safety is a very important factor in our training program and
equipment selection. We want everyone to leave our school with a solid skill set and
equipment that will serve them well for many years.

My other hobbies include kitesurfing, snow kiting, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, rock and ice
climbing, backcountry and resort skiing, mountain biking, paragliding, marksmanship,
racing sports cars, woodworking, restoring old cars and trucks, playing electric bass in rock
bands, tennis and in general tinkering around the garage.