Hometown: Weed, CA. Moved to Winston-Salem in 2002
Main Paramotor: Gravity Defiant with the Vittorazi Moster 185 plus
Main Wing: APCO F3 (Custom), Ozone Mojo PWR2
USPPA Instructor Ratings: Foot Launch Instructor

My parents took me on my first flight when I was 5 months old. They are both hot air balloon pilots, and while floating is pretty neat, I wanted something with more control and freedom. I had always wanted to fly normal airplanes and I’ve been surrounded by aviation all my life, but never could pay for flight lessons or hangar space. I first discovered powered paragliding when a pilot flew around my parents’ balloon when I was 12. Years later, I saw the same weird floppy wing fan contraption on youtube and I realized I could afford one! I saved and saved, first buying the wing and kiting for over a year before coming to mojos as a student and learning to fly.

My first flight was a rush, and since then I’ve looked forward to every flyable day on the calendar. I love sharing my journey and experience with everybody, helping others get into the sky and discover that same thrill. Powered paragliding is a surprisingly physical form of flight, but the rewards are immense. There really is no other form of flight like it.

When I’m not flying paramotors, I help with the family’s balloon business, fly RC planes and the occasional drone. I also play a healthy amount of video games and make YouTube videos on my flight themed channel, @AveryFlies.